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Property Exposition

BA great way to explore various properties in one location is to visit property expositions. You have several builders who show off different projects in various stages of completion. Because of this, you have greater freedom to compare and collect information and make the best decision and choose a property which suits your needs. Read More

Attractiveness of Bangalore

Bangalore has been hailed as the silicon valley of India. It has been able to attract and retain the best IT talent in the country for over a decade now. But why is it that IT companies and the IT crowd prefers Bangalore over places such as Mumbai or Delhi? Read More

What do expats look for while investing in real estate?

When expats move into another country, their whole life is turned pretty much upside down. They are dealing with so many changes that it is hard for them to pay attention to everything. Given this fact, what do expats look for while investing in real estate? Read More

Flipping real estate

Although real estate is a great investment option in the long term, a lot of people have had success by buying properties at low rates and selling them at a high margin in the short term. This is more commonly known as ‘flipping’ real estate. Flipping real estate is a rising star in the real estate investment scene. However, like every other investment, it has its benefits and downsides. Read More

Effects of elections in Karnataka on Real Estate

Real estate is hugely influenced by politics. After all it is the government which creates policies which end up speeding up or slowing down the land ownership process. They also have directives which limit the proportions of the constructed property. Read More

Reasons to invest in real estate now

Here are some of the reasons why you should be taking a call to invest in Real Estate: Read More

New Trends in Real Estate Designs

Here are some new trends in real estate designs that you need to be aware of: Read More

Real Estate Industry of India – A gateway to global foray!!

The real estate sector of India, which makes a significant contribution in the GDP (around 5%), has seen a major turnaround, especially in the last decade by attracting foreign investors. The rapid infrastructure development means that the real estate sector of India has emerged as the most promising sector in all aspects: Read More

Row houses in Whitefield, Bangalore

We always feel the necessity of comparing properties before buying them. Not only properties, we do compare all possible services before we engage with a vendor or make a choice. We, at Chinthala Realty, believe in engaging with our vendors who come closest with our expectations and are promising. Read More

Real estate in the digital world

Gone are those days where people used to deal with property issues on the basis of “word of mouth" publicity or look out for nearby dealers with good reputation. It is the age of globalization and dynamic lifestyle. This has forced the real estate industry to move online. People believe more in the “word of mouse” now! Read More

Effect of IT sector on Bangalore real estate

Bangalore is considered to be the IT capital of India. It is the most favored destination for IT & ITES companies because of several conditions such as weather, infrastructure, investment climate etc. It has earned the nickname of the “Silicon Valley of India”. This IT boom has brought with it a number of lucrative opportunities in both the residential and commercial sectors to serve both the employees and the companies. The IT sector is the largest contributor to the ever-growing Bangalore Real Estate market, especially in the past decade. Read More

State of real estate in Bangalore

The Indian property market is likely to recover in 2013 as the policy and regulatory environment is expected to have a positive impact on the sector, according to a Knight Frank India report. The passage of the real estate regulation Bill and land acquisition Bill are likely to boost sentiment. The approval of overseas investments in multi brand retail will also increase demand for commercial real estate. Read More

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